Nap Eyes’ indie-folk gem, “Whine Of the Mystic,” is streaming

Nap Eyes Whine of the MysticNap Eyes’ indie-folk debut “Whine Of the Mystic,” now streaming on Soundcloud, was originally released in March 2014 on Bandcamp, and is thankfully getting a proper sendoff. Only 200 LPs were released then, via Plastic Factory Records.

Their ’60s pop sensibilities mix with indie-rock coolness on “Whine Of the Mystic,” backed by singer/guitarist Nigel Chapman’s pensive and bare vocals. Proof comes in the recording of the album, which was set down live to tape without overdubs.

The band, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, has been on tour with Ex Hex and Jacco Gardner at Northside Festival, and their popularity is slowing gaining strength. They hit Portland, Oregon tonight.

“Whine Of the Mystic” is out July 10 on Paradise of Bachelors in the U.S. and You’ve Changed Records in Canada.

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