Prince Harvey recorded his album in the Apple retail store; download his tracks for free

Prince Harvey can count the Apple Store and some grit as factors in getting his debut recorded.

According to the Daily Beast, Prince Harvey spent four months off and on in an Apple Store in Soho, New York City, secretly recording his music. He kept his files safe in the trash, which didn’t get wiped out at the end of each day.

prince harvey sometimesLike many others, it was originally not in the cards to record in a retail venue, but Prince Harvey’s computer died, which threw a wrench in his progress. Later, his hard drive was stolen, while making a run to buy squid.

“I just thought, ‘I’m going to die before anyone knows I’m hot,’ ” he told the Daily Beast. It’s pretty great that he was able to accomplish what he needed to despite the constant setbacks.

The album is called “PHATASS” — as in Prince Harvey At The Apple Store: Soho. It will be released July 26.

There’s no denying the world-music, DIY sound Prince Harvey has, but the beats and raps are accessible and relatable. Harvey, from Dominica, recorded his first song at 8, so it’s not like he’s a newbie to the world of hip-hop.

Listen to “Sometimes” and “The New Black,” and you can download and others for free:

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