Foals blow the top off music videos for “Mountain At My Gates”

Have you ever been to the Mugar Omni Theatre in Boston–the one where Leonard Nimoy narrates as you fly over the city of Boston, passing historical buildings and waterways? Foals have done something like that with their new video for “Mountain At My Gates,” but it puts the control squarely in the viewers hands.

Foals have released an interactive, virtual-reality video for the song, the second single off “What Went Down,” out Aug. 28.

The video was directed by Nabil — who’s worked with Kanye West, Arctic Monkeys, Alt-J and Frank Ocean. The video was shot using GoPro equipment — (used in extreme-action photography) — specifically, GoPro’s spherical Virtual Reality technology.

Click on anywhere in the video and turn it at your leisure. Guitarist and vocalist Yannis Philippakis and the rest of the band is there, wherever you look. Suddenly there’s multiples of the same band members in different poses while they play. It’s unsettling in a way but makes you glad there’s technology out there to finally bring videos into the future. Make sure you watch it full-screen too.

In a press release, Nabil says simply:

“We are at the beginning of what we can really do with this technology. It has the power to transport you.”

That’s saying quite a bit, but they seem to have pulled it off. You can look almost anywhere in the video — just stare up at the sky if you want, but don’t be alarmed at the darting birds. It’s all very trippy and energetic and you really should check it out. By the way, it’s a damn good song too.

mountain-at-my-gates-foals pic

Philippakis explained how “Mountain At My Gates” evolved during a track-by-track rundown on the new album with NME recently:

“I’d recorded the beginning riff on my phone ages ago. At the beginning it had a baggy feel, but became less so with more work. The central image – ‘I see a mountain at my gates’ was from me getting more interested in seeing what would come out lyrically where there wasn’t a pre-conceived idea. Normally I write voraciously in books and journals, then harvest a lot of that for the record. This, though, came out instantaneously in the room.”

Check out a behind-the-scenes of how they shot “Mountain At My Gates”:

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