Taylor Swift “Bad Blood” parody video chastises UK gov for tampon tax

Women are pretending to smoke some tampons in a parody video that criticizes the British government for a “tampon tax.” The video channels Taylor Swift’s now-famous, celebrity-filled video for “Bad Blood.”

“Why’d ya keep bloody taxing us?” says a woman, who just fell on top of a car. Visuals and lyrics in the video include women cutting up thick rugs, using dish cloths, the aforementioned tampon cigars, and more.

They do add some text at the end of the video, performed by Cariad Lloyd and Jenny Bede to explain why they’re pissed off about the tax. It sounds like they have a right to be angry. The VAT (value-added tax) on women’s sanitary products is at 5 percent in the United Kingdom, according to the video.

Things that aren’t taxed, according to the video, include pita bread, men’s razors and crocodile meat. (How is crocodile meat get not taxed??)

If you want find out more, visit .www.bloodydisgrace.org. Thanks to Billboard.com for posting the painful-to-watch video.

Also, no word yet on how Taylor Swift feels about the change to her video. Watch below — I think they got their message across.


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