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Pet project “Meow the Jewels” by RTJ a meaty remix


Run the Jewels’ new ode to cats, “Meow the Jewels,” pounced without warning Friday night.

On this remix, hip-hop pair Killer Mike and El-P have preserved the lyrics from their original, self-titled debut and embellished with new soundbites of people freaking out, and a big mess of cats in all shapes and sizes.

On the opener “Meowpurrdy,” it sounds like they’ve recorded some cats in heat, which then tangle with hungry lions out for blood. Other cat musings on MTJ include lion growls, playful domesticated mewings and trillings up and down the scale.

The most surprising track is “Creown (the Alchemist Remix),” which takes the song’s serious tone and lyrics about drug-running and sets it against the backdrop of an old Meow Mix commercial — one like this:

But it’s not just samples of meows and devilishly deep purrs — RTJ have created new melodies out of those noises that drive the songs in new directions. So while you’re already familiar with the lyrics, the new beats and drum samples — all stemming from cute kitties and big lions — make the album fresh again.

You can download “Meow the Jewels” for free at

Listen to “All Meow Life (Nick Hook Remix)”:

The cat’s meow on “MTJ”: “Meowrly (Boots Remix)”, “Meowpurrdy (feat. Lil Bub and Snoop Dogg, Maceo & Delonte)” and “Paw Due Respect (Blood Diamond Remix).”

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Darlings bid adieu; share “I Love You Too” video

Brooklyn indie quartet Darlings have called it quits.

 An email today from Wild Canary Records states:

“Darlings release a new video 🙂 but are only playing one more show ever 😦 “
The email goes on to say that though the band is breaking up, members remain friends.
Darlings’ last show will be at Shea Stadium on Saturday, playing with Flower Girl, CVS At Night and Lightning Bug.
Over eight years, Darlings put out three albums and an EP. Their most recent release, Feel Better, was released in January.
Today Darlings released what may be their last video, for “I Love You Too,” which can be viewed here or below:

No specific reason was given for the band’s breakup, but if they are splitting on good terms, maybe some day they’ll return.
(Through an email inquiry this afternoon, a representative from Wild Canary Records had this to say:
“All good things must come to an end! They’re focusing on other things right now and schedules were getting hectic.”)

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Hear Joanna Newsom’s faraway tome “Leaving the City”

joanna newsom_leaving_city pic

From the first delicate notes of Joanna Newsom’s harp on her latest single “Leaving the City,” you’re spellbound. Part of Newsom’s continuing allure is the dramatic and beautiful way she uses a classical instrument like the Marxophone or the oft-campy Mellotron.

But even more dramatic is Newsom’s voice, which sounds like it’s from another dimension — one that would fit quite neatly in the time of Chaucer — in its whimsicality and individuality. Like Newsom, you’re transported to a more reflective era.  “Do you believe in me?” she asks.

Listen to “Leaving the City”:

Check out her recent video, “Saponikan,” also from the new album.

By the sounds of both of these singles, the rest of “Divers” could be phenomenal. It’s out Oct. 23 on Drag City Records. The amazing cover art is below:


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Lindstrom remixes Frida’s ’80s hit “I Know There’s Something Going On”

Scandinavian artist Hans-Peter Lindstrom has released an 8-minute remix of Frida’s “I Know There’s Something Going On.” His techno/spacerock remix and dub version adds to the long line of covers and nods to the song since its release in the early ’80s.

The song has been covered by Finnish, Swedish and Italian bands — Foo Fighters borrowed the song’s drum line for their 2007 song “Erase/Replace,” according to the Foo’s Taylor Hawkins in this video. (You only have to skip ahead to the 2-minute mark to hear the reference.)

Some background:

In 1982, Abba singer Frida (Anni-Frid Lyngstad), while the band was on a break, struck out on her own with a solo album, “Something’s Going On.” The lead single, “I Know There’s Something Going On” ended up being a huge hit in the early ’80s, and has gone on to sell 3 millions copies to date. It’s actually got a killer guitar riff and a sexy sway to the song.

Frida’s voice is a pure standout, and she’s pretty much over whatever love she had with this guy — she’s ready to tell him the gig’s up. The chorus is incredibly catchy and never fails to stick in my head for hours, although it’s been several years since I heard this gem.

frida something going on

“If you want to leave, then why don’t you say it — your love is gone anyway,” she says matter-of-factly.

No real surprise the drum line is so popular — “Something’s Going On” was produced by Phil Collins, who also provides his signature shuffling/clapping drum sound. Some might know it as the “Miami Vice” sound.

Lindstrom’s covering Frida to celebrate her 70th birthday this year. The remix and a dub version will be released Oct. 23 along with a digital release by Polar Music. That release will be limited to 2,000 copies and will include a remastered CD of “Something Going On,” a documentary DVD, videos, a 7-inch single and a book of liner notes written by Frida.

You must also check out the incredibly dated video for “I Know Something’s Going On.”

Frida video

Frida’s dancing pretty tamely in what looks like a Grand Ole Opry dress with a backdrop of Star Wars-styled blue neon light strips. Music videos had to start somewhere; thank God they started in the ’80s.

Regardless, the song and remix are just enjoyable.

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Cold Beat’s sophomore album “Into the Air” shows a band in sync

After a strong showing with their debut LP “Over Me” just last year, punk and electro-pop band Cold Beat is back with “Into the Air.”

Already, the band seems deeply in sync, a feat that could take more than a few albums for a new band to master before they can focus on pushing personal boundaries.

Bassist, vocalist and primary songwriter Hannah Lew, previously with the San Francisco surf-rock trio Grass Widow, easily carries the weight of Cold Beat’s vocals. Her strong yet angelic sound acts as a guiding light for the album’s dark points. Add the rest of the band’s playful pop/synth style, and Cold Beat can embody the punk-crossover rebellion of Blondie or the bleeding-heart shoegaze of Dum Dum Girls.

Lew’s lush voice soars throughout the album — it radiates romantic warmth, mirroring Debbie Harry’s opulent style.

Haunting, isolating melodies and moody soundscapes are what Cold Beat does best, evident in the synthwave wanderings of the instrumental “Clouds” and the drum-machine and space-rock album closer “Ashes.”

But the band can also change its attitude within a song. They build tension with a guitar clang and propulsive drumming on the protopunk “Sisters,” a song that later finds solace in a flowing melody, which was somehow there all along. Compare those textures with the brisk guitar strumming of the straightforward “Am I Dust,” or Lew’s heartbreaking indecision on “Broken Lines,” and Cold Beat’s broad versatility on “Into the Air” becomes even clearer.

The new album, “Into the Air” was on Lew’s label Crime On the Moon on Sept. 4.

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Heather Woods Broderick announces tour dates to support “Glider”

Singer/songwriter Heather Woods Broderick has announced several tour dates to support her new album “Glider,” out now on Western Vinyl. Broderick, also a member of Sharon Van Etten’s band, has planned to visit several locations she hasn’t been to before. If you haven’t heard “Glider” yet — it’s one of the strongest albums of 2015, and it’s been quietly flying under the radar for some time.

Listen to a stream of “Wyoming”:

“Mama Shelter”:

….. and “A Call For Distance”

Heather Woods Broderick Tour Dates:

Fri. Oct. 16 – Seattle, WA @ Abbey Arts ^

Tue. Oct. 27 – Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios %

Wed. Oct. 28 – San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel #

Sun. Dec. 6 – Allston, MA @ Great Scott *

Mon. Dec. 7 – Providence, RI @ Aurora *

Wed. Dec. 9 – Louisville, KY @ Zanzabar *

Thu. Dec. 10 – Nashville, TN @ Stone Fox *

Fri. Dec. 11 – Dallas, TX @ Three Links *

Sat. Dec. 12 – Austin, TX @ The Mohawk *

Mon. Dec. 14 – New Orleans, LA @ 1638 Clio St. *

Tue. Dec. 15 – Atlanta, GA @ The Earl *

Wed. Dec. 16 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506 *

Thu. Dec. 17 – Washington, DC @ DC9 *

Fri. Dec. 18 – Philadelphia, PA @ Tin Angel *

Sat. Dec. 19 – New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge *

^ = w/ Ora Cogan

% = w/ Pure Bathing Culture

# = w/ Alela Diane + Ryan Francesconi

* = w/ Jesse Marchant

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Autre Ne Veut faces judge and jury in a cappella video for “Panic Room”

The video for Autre Ne Veut’s new single “Panic Room” is an a cappella version of the song. Autre Ne Veut (aka Arthur Ashin) walks in front of a panel of three people and unceremoniously starts singing against a black background. Even though he’s putting all he has into the performance, eventually a panel member puts a stop to it and Ashin slinks off into the darkness, the audition a flop.

The video was meant to call up the anxieties artists can have when they’re performing in public, and was inspired by a Swedish Idol audition. The panel is actually Autre Ne Veut’s manager, his sister, and Pitchfork writer Ian Cohen. Ashin’s sister is the one who stops his performance.

Watch the video below.

Listen to the non-a cappella stream of “Panic Room”:

Autre Ne Veut’s latest album “Age of Transparency” follows his critically acclaimed 2013 album “Anxiety” and is a fusion of alt R&B, jazz and electronic sounds. The album’s title is also apparently a marketing phrase — a way to sell things.

According to Ashin: “

“I’’ve been listening to jazz since I was a kid and wanted to experiment with it. “For me, it taps into this comforting and antiquated image of the truth.””

Autre Ne Veut’s “Age of Transparency” is out Oct. 2 on Downtown Records, and he’ll be touring with GEMS next month.

U.S. Tour Dates
Fri Oct 09 – Los Angeles, CA – Troubadour*
Sat Oct 10 – San Francisco, CA – Social Hall SF*
Mon Oct 12 – Portland, OR – Star Theater*
Tue Oct 13 – Seattle, WA – Barboza*
Fri Oct 16 – Denver, CO – Los Lake*
Sun Oct 18 – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall*
Tue – Oct 20 – Toronto, ON – The Hoxton*
Wed Oct 21 – Philadelphia, PA – Boot & Saddle*
Thu Oct 22 – Boston, MA – Middle East Downstairs*
Fri Oct 23 – Washington, CD – U Street Music Hall*
Mon Oct 26 – New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom*

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Jack White gives a drum lesson in lead-up to Dead Weather video

Allow Jack White to teach you a thing or two about the drums.

In a story on NME, the solo artist, guitarist, singer and member of Dead Weather breaks down the terminology of the drum kit and how to play drum pieces from the band’s song “Hang You From the Heavens,” the video of which is embedded in the instructional video.

jack white drum video

White begins by saying one of the most important part of the band is the bass — the bass drum, that is. “Without this kick, we can’t kick IT,” he says in the video, titled “Drumming Technique, Design and Discussion With Dead Weather Drummer Jack White.”mickey dolenz drums

The video is part lesson and part tongue-in-cheek, as White mentions why Ringo Starr’s drum kit was level so fans could see him — while showing a picture of the Monkees’ Mickey Dolenz behind his drum kit, which was not level. We’re not sure why he chose a drive-by on Dolenz here, but there it is.

Watch the video below — it’s educational.

Be sure to continue watching after they finish playing “Hang You From the Heavens.”
Dead Weather’s album “Dodge and Burn” is out Sept. 25.

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Check out an unreleased Garbage song, “Subhuman Supersize Mix”

On Oct. 2, the 20th anniversary edition of Garbage’s self-titled debut album will be out — it includes all remixes and previously unreleased tracks from the rock band’s hugely popular album.
One of those unreleased songs is the blissfully long and grunge-y “Subhuman Supersize Mix,” which of course features Shirley Manson’s vocals — she can morph her voice from a growl to a pretty soar to a drugged-up cokehead. No one does it quite like her.

Credit: Joseph Cultice

Credit: Joseph Cultice

“Garbage” was originally released Aug. 15, 1995, and included the songs “Stupid Girl” and “Only Happy When It Rains.”

While we’re in a new generation of music, and 1995 is in NO WAY like 2015, the band’s mix of electronic, grunge and rock sounds still resonates.

Check out the audio of “Subhuman Supersize Mix”:

From Manson:

This is a very special occasion for all of us in garbage. We are particularly excited about the upcoming tour ­- the intent of which is pretty much the celebration of a 20 year long affair between us and those who have loved us. ­

You can buy the CD and digital configurations starting Oct. 2. A double-vinyl LP will be available Oct. 30 in Europe.
Details on 20th anniversary “Garbage” release:

The 20th Anniversary Edition of Garbage will be released in the following configurations:
Garbage 20th Anniversary Standard Edition (Remastered) (12 tracks)
Garbage 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (Remastered) (original 12 tracks + 9 G-sides)
-Garbage 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition  (Remastered) (original 12 tracks + 9 G-sides + 29 Remixes + 12 Alternate Versions):
-Garbage 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition  (Remastered)  (CD 1: Garbage original 12 tracks / CD2: 9 G-Sides)
Garbage’s debut album remastered from the original analogue tapes.
Includes- “g-sides” compilation.
Garbage 20th Anniversary Standard Edition (2LP: Garbage original 12 tracks)
Double LP of Garbage’s debut album remastered from the original analog tapes.
Includes download card.
Garbage 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (3LP: Garbage original 12 tracks / G-sides / fan zine)
Garbage 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition – (3LP box set)
Garbage’s debut album remastered from the original analogue tapes.
180gm Vinyl – Exclusive limited edition fan generate zine.? Do you mean generated?
Includes “g-sides” compilation.
Includes download card and autographed photo of band.
UNRELEASED TRACKS (on digital super deluxe edition)
“Vow” (Joan of Ark Mix)
“Vow” (Stripped Down Mix)
“Vow” (Tuesday Night Club Mix)
“Fix Me Now”(Alternate Subbass Mix)
“Subhuman” (Supersize Mix)
“#1 Crush” (Early Demo Mix)
“Strokes of Luck” (Early Demo Mix)
“My Lovers Box” (Early Demo Mix)
“Not My Idea’ (Early Demo Mix)
“Only Happy When It Rains” (Early Demo Mix)
“Supervixen” (Early Demo Mix)

Their 20 Years Queer tour begins in October:

October 6, 2015
San Diego, CA
Humphrey’s Concerts By the Bay
October 7, 2015
Oakland, CA
Fox Theater
October 8, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
Greek Theatre
October 10, 2015
Las Vegas, NV Blvd Pool @ Cosmopolitan Hotel
October 13, 2015 Houston, TX Bayou Music Center
October 14, 2015 Austin, TX Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater
October 15, 2015 Dallas, TX South Side Ballroom
October 17, 2015 Chicago, IL The Riviera Theatre
October 18, 2015 Madison, WI Orpheum
October 19, 2015 Royal Oak, MI Royal Oak Theater
October 21, 2015 Boston, MA Orpheum
October 23, 2015 Westbury, NY The Space @ Westbury
October 24, 2015 Brooklyn, NY Kings Theater
October 26, 2015 Toronto, ON Phoenix Concert Theatre
October 28, 2015 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
October 29, 2015 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
October 31, 2015
Cologne, Germany Palladium
November 2, 2015 Copenhagen, Denmark Store Vega
November 4, 2015 Tillburg, Holland 013
November 5, 2015 Brussels, Belgium Forest National
November 7, 2015 Paris, France Zenith
November 8, 2015 London, UK Brixton Academy
November 9, 2015 London, UK Brixton Academy
November 11, 2015 Moscow, Russia Crocus City Hall*
November 13, 2015 Manchester, UK Academy
November 14, 2015 Edinburgh, UK Usher Hall
*Support TBC

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Third Man Records, Light in The Attic putting kids first w tricked-out turntable, kids’ record

Any kids album that has Kermit the Frog singing “Rainbow Connection” has its heart in the right place.

fisher price turntable 70s

This is probably what I had in the late ’70s.

Light In the Attic Records and Third Man Records have teamed up to create a children’s compilation CD, “This Record Belongs To ___” and accompanying storybook.

In addition, a children’s portable record player is also being offered through Light In the Attic.

The compilation record has a “daytime” side and a “bedtime lullabies” side — Very nice of them to remember that night time is NOT party time for some humans.

Among artists on the “This Record Belongs To __” are Jerry Garcia, Nina Simone, Carole King, Woody Guthrie, author Shel Silverstein, Donovan, The Pointer Sisters, and of course, the Green One himself.

Compilation Tracklisting:
1. Shel Silverstein – Invitation
2. Van Dyke Parks – Occapella
3. Carole King – One Was Johnny
4. Harry Nilsson – The Town
5. Harry Nilsson – Me And My Arow
6. The Pointer Sisters – Pinball Number Count
7. Woody Guthrie – Dance Around
8. Jerry Garcia & David Grisman – Jenny Jenkins
9. Roger Miller – Oo-De-Lally
10. Bobby Bare – Daddy What If
11. Ella Jenkins – Pretty Trees Around The World
12. Nina Simone – You Can Sing A Rainbow
13. Vashti Bunyan – Diamond Day
14. Donovan – The Mandolin Man And His Secret
15. Miss Abrams & The Strawberry Point 4th Grade Class – Running In The Garden
16. Kermit The Frog – Rainbow Connection

A color storybook by artist Jess Rotter accompanies the record —

which tells the tale of five forest pals who find a mysterious object–a round, flat disc that they proceed to investigate. The animal friends finally solve the mystery and learn how to play a record and let their bodies move to the groove (within the grooves).

As Third Man Records (Jack White’s label) is involved, the record player has a lot more features than the ones kids had in the ’70s — software to record, edit and convert audio content to MP3, automatic tone arm, two speakers, USB port with cable, to convert vinyl records to digital format. What’s super nice about that is that you could pick up some records at Goodwill or a vintage record store, bring them home, and, besides playing them on the turntable, you can convert them to have the songs for your car, iPod, etc.

third man Turntable2

SOOO jealous – it ALMOST makes me want to be a kid again. almost.

For parents of young kids (I’m included in that vast group) this opens up a lot of possibilities, and now we don’t have to dig out old record players at second-hand stores that may or may not work. (I just checked on Toys R Us — the closest thing they have to a record player involves plastic records, and a bunch of digital and CD stuff. Blah.)

Finally, someone who gets us.

“This Record Belongs To ___” will be out Nov. 6. It comes in LP, CD and digital formats. The Third Man Kids’ Turntable by itself costs about $90. Preorder the record, storybook and record player here. The color LP bundles, “gender equality” split pink/blue record editions are already sold out.

this record_FullPackage

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