Hear Joanna Newsom’s faraway tome “Leaving the City”

joanna newsom_leaving_city pic

From the first delicate notes of Joanna Newsom’s harp on her latest single “Leaving the City,” you’re spellbound. Part of Newsom’s continuing allure is the dramatic and beautiful way she uses a classical instrument like the Marxophone or the oft-campy Mellotron.

But even more dramatic is Newsom’s voice, which sounds like it’s from another dimension — one that would fit quite neatly in the time of Chaucer — in its whimsicality and individuality. Like Newsom, you’re transported to a more reflective era.  “Do you believe in me?” she asks.

Listen to “Leaving the City”:

Check out her recent video, “Saponikan,” also from the new album.

By the sounds of both of these singles, the rest of “Divers” could be phenomenal. It’s out Oct. 23 on Drag City Records. The amazing cover art is below:


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