Pet project “Meow the Jewels” by RTJ a meaty remix


Run the Jewels’ new ode to cats, “Meow the Jewels,” pounced without warning Friday night.

On this remix, hip-hop pair Killer Mike and El-P have preserved the lyrics from their original, self-titled debut and embellished with new soundbites of people freaking out, and a big mess of cats in all shapes and sizes.

On the opener “Meowpurrdy,” it sounds like they’ve recorded some cats in heat, which then tangle with hungry lions out for blood. Other cat musings on MTJ include lion growls, playful domesticated mewings and trillings up and down the scale.

The most surprising track is “Creown (the Alchemist Remix),” which takes the song’s serious tone and lyrics about drug-running and sets it against the backdrop of an old Meow Mix commercial — one like this:

But it’s not just samples of meows and devilishly deep purrs — RTJ have created new melodies out of those noises that drive the songs in new directions. So while you’re already familiar with the lyrics, the new beats and drum samples — all stemming from cute kitties and big lions — make the album fresh again.

You can download “Meow the Jewels” for free at

Listen to “All Meow Life (Nick Hook Remix)”:

The cat’s meow on “MTJ”: “Meowrly (Boots Remix)”, “Meowpurrdy (feat. Lil Bub and Snoop Dogg, Maceo & Delonte)” and “Paw Due Respect (Blood Diamond Remix).”

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