Florist’s “Holdly” leads to anticipation for “The Birds Outside Sang”

Brooklyn band Florist has quietly inched onto the watch list of several music sites.

Their October-released five-song EP “Holdly” stops you in your tracks with its sincere, open-book message and exposed vocals. Lo-fi vocals from sole songwriter Emily Sprague pull you in, such as this line from “Unholy Faces”: “We eat our souls and don’t bother to replace them,” and may speak to the anti-folk slant the indie-pop group espouses. The song “Vacation” uncorks a dreamy folk-pop haze of youth, its summertime infinities and uncertainties.

Sprague’s direct, plainspoken approach to the songwriting craft is dramatic all on its own. She knows how to say a lot more than she actually intones, which makes the rest of us able to bridge that human connection with Florist’s music.
It’s only a few months after “Holdly” and already the band is set to release their full-length album, “The Birds Outside Sang,” on Jan. 29.


The title track, the first single off the album, shows a clear maturity from “Holdly.” Sprague’s innocent vocals still show and now they’re set against a backdrop of ominous layers of synth and a steady beat sprinkled with lo-fi noise.

Then, over a steady high-pitched drone as Sprague begins to sing with her own words, the song divides in two.

“Do you and your friends want to come into the field and watch the fireworks shoot up into the air?” she asks drowsily. “Does the night sky terrify you and does the day sky mesmerize you and make you dream things better than the day?”


“The Birds Outside Sang,” is out Jan. 29 on Double Double Whammy.


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