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Smiths, Morrissey fan site user streams rarities

Soundcloud user Peter Skinny has uploaded several rare demos and alternate versions of Smiths songs, among them “The Boy Racer,” “Southpaw,” “Never Had No One Ever” and “Bengali In Platforms.” Skinny happens to be a forum member for fan site Morrissey-Solo. According to a story at Consequence of Sound, the demos are from The Smiths’ album The Queen Is Dead.

Check them out below:

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Ring in 2016 with Bach’s ‘Cantata 147’ on a giant wooden xylophone

It’s not often that a story combines trees and music into something amazing.

Bach’s “Cantata 147” has taken on new life — through a giant wooden xylophone 50 yards long.

The rectilinear xylophone was actually created for a commercial for a Japanese touch phone, highlighting its wooden backplate. But by the end of the video though, shot in the forest, you could care less that you’ve just watched an advertisement. The beauty of the wooden instrument steals the show.


The rubber ball bounces through the air as it strikes the next slim panel of wood, which gently guides the ball down, all while playing the Cantata nearly perfectly. Sometimes you hear the sounds of the forest, like a babbling stream and various animals, and sometimes the forest is silenced, and you hear only Bach’s notes, made unpretentious somehow, and the echo the ball makes as it plops down to the next panel.


According to the story at, an earthquake hit Japan the day the commercial was filmed, illustrating rather beautifully that the Earth can be a terrifying and pristine place at the same time.

This “forest xylophone” can be found at the Daisetsu Mor-no Garden, part of the Hokkaido Garden Show in Japan.


This video was posted in 2011 and by this time, more than 13 million people have watched it. So it’s nothing new, but no less incredible to watch. But maybe yet another blog post will help spread the word about this sound garden a bit further.

Read more about the xylophone at and, which includes exacting details on how it was designed.





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Erykah Badu imparts cosmic wisdom to fans on Okayplayer

Singer songwriter Erykah Badu, maker of the baddest rendition of “Hotling Bling” to date, recently answered fans’ questions for Okayplayer.

Hear gems of wisdom from the Analog Girl in a Digital World as she discusses her new mixtape and other pressing matters on “The Questions.”

(Disclaimer: The “Hotline Bling” link in the first graf is not the best, but it’s been removed from Soundcloud, as it’s now on her But You Caint Use My Phone EP.)

In the meantime, listen to Badu’s live performance of “Tyrone” to get a sense of the Queen’s power:

Visit for more, and check out highlights of her Reddit AMA.

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Skrillex remixes “Make A Move” for RBMA’s free music series

EDM artist Skrillex has remixed Torro Torro’s “Make A Move,” the 12th track from Red Bull Music Academy’s 20 Before 16 music series. “Make A Move” was Torro Torro’s first single on the OWSLA label in March.

The 20 Before 16 series aims to close out 2015 and ring in the New Year. Along with each song’s stream, there will be 1,000 free downloads of “Make A Move,” released at noon EST each day at

Artists featured span Red Bull Sound Select, Red Bull Records, Red Bull Studios and Red Bull Music Academy. The series began Dec. 1 with a track from AWOLNATION and has continued with TOKiMONSTA, Gallant, Namaste and others.

The remix EP will be out Jan. 8 at

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French MC Sianna slays on Namaste’s “Wat Wat” remix

South African electronic music producers Spoek Mathambo and DJ Aero Manyelo, who recently formed the collective Batuk, have remixed Namaste’s “Wat Wat,” and along with French MC Sianna, have added fuel to the fire of the dance/rap/synth/ mashup. It’s part of Red Bull Music Academy’s 20 Before 16 series.

“Wat Wat” by Swedish punk singer/rapper Naomi Namasenda, or Namaste, was originally recorded with Gnuchi, as part of the talent program Nasa Niva.


Although there’s plenty of moving parts to this remix that span language and regions, the resulting sound is pretty much electric. These artists might benefit from future collaborations.

Pick up a free download of Namaste’s “Wat Wat (Batuk remix)” at Red Bull Music Academy.

Batuk will release their first music in January. Hear their music below.

Listen to Namaste’s “Wat Wat,” live at East FM.

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The Away Days’ ‘Less Is More’ is today’s free track at 20 Before 16

The indie-rock band The Away Days sound very much like the Foals and have been influenced by broody acts like The Cure and psychedelic rockers Tame Impala.

The group, from Istanbul, Turkey, took part in the Red Bull Warm-Up Campus concert in that city and have been impressing online music mags for a while now.

Their single “Less Is More” makes an impact through its catchy and bright guitar hooks, a lonesome bass line and building intensity. It’s also the first single off their upcoming full-length debut album.

Visit to download the free track; as of 1 p.m. EST on Dec. 7, there were more than 800 downloads left.

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Your Friend’s full-length debut Jan. 29; hear first single “Heathering”

Your Friend, guitarist, singer and songwriter Taryn Blake Miller, has finally announced a full-length debut.

After her self-recorded debut EP Jekyll/Hyde in 2014, Miller toured for the first time (with Courtney Barnett) and performed at her first SXSW.

Her first full-length album, “Gumption,” will be out in January.

Miller started writing “Gumption” in her Kansas apartment in 2014. She used a field recorder while around her family’s farm in Dexter, Kansas, hoping to reclaim childhood memories and senses. Some of the sounds, like running water and engine noise, can be heard on the new album.

According to Miller:

“I paid attention to textures. I was trying to remove myself from an approach that I had followed before, but to be able to bring in that melodic element that is most inherent to me, and marry it with a more sonically meditative landscape.”

“I was sitting with myself so much, I got to know myself in ways I liked and ways I didn’t like,” Miller continued.

The first single off the album, “Heathering,” is a softly played and meandering indie dreampop that features gentle guitar hooks and Miller’s evenly parsed lyrics, as if there’s no better place to be than right now.


Your Friend; Credit Crystal Lee Farris

Listen to “Heathering” below:

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Red Bull Music Academy’s free 20 Before 16 series is back

Red Bull has brought back its “20 Before 16.” This is the second year Red Bull Music Academy will present 20 tracks by emerging artists to help ring in the new year.

Last year there were definitely surprises, like D’Angelo’s first music in 14 years, and exclusive Earl Sweatshirt music.
The 20 songs are released over 20 days, and the tracks are available as free downloads, 1,000 copies only.

The latest single is Chilean quartet Astro’s “Le Golden Ballon,” recorded live at Red Bull’s LA studio. The song was originally on the band’s 2009 debut EP, “Le Disc De Astrou.”

Download “Le Golden Ballon” here; as of Dec. 6, there were 579 downloads left.

Each song begins streaming at noon EST each day at You can listen to previous 20 Before 16 tracks there as well.


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For no good reason I listed the movies in the Adele “Hello” supercut

If you were searching for a new way to memorize some of the lyrics to Adele’s “Hello,” “Hello By the Movie” is here.
Watch/listen to this supercut of “Hello” in which actors in several famous movies voice the words to Adele’s hit, which by now has received the covers treatment more times than is really necessary.
And the movies in the supercut, created by by Matthijs Vlot, run the gamut from serious to hilarious – Monty Python and Austin Powers are here, alongside the Terminator and Scarface. They didn’t leave in Lee Evans’ hilarious balancing act in “There’s Something About Mary” just by accident.

The movies they chose are varied enough and from a wide cross-section of films that you should be able to find your favorite somewhere along the way.

Hear the possessive way Arnold Schwarzenegger says “everything” or the heavy way Bruce Lee says “outside” and you’ll be hooked. The supercut is just the right mix of Adele’s classic romantic lines and unforgettable movies. Think of it as the greatest hits a la “It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World.”

For some reason I decided to list each movie and/or which actor spoke a little piece of Adele’s mind, already knowing it was futile because I just don’t know all the movies. Anyway, it was fun doing the back-end research. If you can fill in some of these blanks, please do.

Here’s the the majority of movies/stars you’ll get a glimpse of in the supercut. Dashes indicate movies/actors I don’t know. I’m sorry I didn’t catch them all — forgive me.

Sasha Baron Cohen as Ali G
Edward Norton – Primal Fear?
Demi Moore in a Few Good Men
Rick Moranis
Zach Galligan in Gremlins
Dr. Zhivago?
Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate
Sean Connery in James Bond
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze in Batman
Alec Guinness in Star Wars
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat
William H. Macy in Fargo
Harrison Ford in Return of the Jedi
Sylvester Stallone in (some iteration of) Rocky
Mark Hamill and R2D2 in Star Wars
Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Arnold Schwarzenegger (again) in ….. something
Michael Palin (King of Swamp Castle) in Monty Python and the Holy Grail


Jock in Lady and the Tramp
Gonzo in early Sesame Street movie
Lumiere and Cogsworth in Beauty and the Beast
—- (guy with one red eye?)
Big Bird in another Sesame Street movie
Will Ferrell in Anchorman
Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds
Pumbaa in The Lion King
Jack Black in School of Rock
Roy Scheider in Jaws
Leonardo DiCaprio
James Garner


Al Pacino in Scarface
Clint Eastwood
C-3PO in Return of the Jedi
Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty
Dana Carvey in Wayne’s World
Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop
Lee Evans in There’s Something About Mary
Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy in Batman
Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in Men In Black
Mike Myers in Austin Powers
Richard Gere in Pretty Woman
Mark Hamill in Return of the Jedi
Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate
E.T. in E.T.
Sasha Baron Cohen in Borat
Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Bruce Lee
Roger Moore in James Bond
Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights
Mike Myers in Austin Powers
Arnold Schwarzenegger (really? again??)
Christopher Reeve
Bill Murray
Danny DeVito in Twins
Maggie Smith in Harry Potter
Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire
Will Smith in Ali
Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man
Edward Furlong in The Terminator
Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter
Holly Hunter (Elastigirl) in The Incredibles
Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in Coming To America
…. and a very sad Bart Simpson closes it out.

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