Ring in 2016 with Bach’s ‘Cantata 147’ on a giant wooden xylophone

It’s not often that a story combines trees and music into something amazing.

Bach’s “Cantata 147” has taken on new life — through a giant wooden xylophone 50 yards long.

The rectilinear xylophone was actually created for a commercial for a Japanese touch phone, highlighting its wooden backplate. But by the end of the video though, shot in the forest, you could care less that you’ve just watched an advertisement. The beauty of the wooden instrument steals the show.


The rubber ball bounces through the air as it strikes the next slim panel of wood, which gently guides the ball down, all while playing the Cantata nearly perfectly. Sometimes you hear the sounds of the forest, like a babbling stream and various animals, and sometimes the forest is silenced, and you hear only Bach’s notes, made unpretentious somehow, and the echo the ball makes as it plops down to the next panel.


According to the story at gardencollage.com, an earthquake hit Japan the day the commercial was filmed, illustrating rather beautifully that the Earth can be a terrifying and pristine place at the same time.

This “forest xylophone” can be found at the Daisetsu Mor-no Garden, part of the Hokkaido Garden Show in Japan.


This video was posted in 2011 and by this time, more than 13 million people have watched it. So it’s nothing new, but no less incredible to watch. But maybe yet another blog post will help spread the word about this sound garden a bit further.

Read more about the xylophone at gardencollage.com and audioanimals.co.uk, which includes exacting details on how it was designed.





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