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Dialed in | New Hampshire

Jacob Underwood says O-Town’s fans never gave up on the boy band, even after they grew up.

Source: Dialed in | New Hampshire

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Cross Record unravels new song “Basket”

Cross Record have released the song “Basket,” on which lies a fair amount of twists and turns. The dreamy synthpop song keeps a steady pace for just about 3 minutes, then throws in a phalanx of guitar and noise that crash together for several seconds before Emily Cross’ heavenly voice fades out for good.

Listen to “Basket”on Soundcloud:

“Basket” is off Cross Record’s upcoming album, “Wabi Sabi” which is a Japanese aesthetic that focuses on accepting imperfection. Cross uses that mindset as she sings repeated lines about the construction of a basket to symbolize parenthood.
Cross Record plays a record-release show in Austin, Texas, at the Mohawk on Saturday, Feb. 6. Wabi-Sabi will be out on Ba Da Bing Records on Jan. 29.

Also, check out KLRU’s documentary on Cross Record from 2014.

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Brandy’s ‘Beggin and Pleadin’ will put you on your knees


I can’t get enough. Brandy ‘s new song “Beggin and Pleadin” is so good you sort of feel bad for those who haven’t heard it yet.

With a mix of ’60s doo-wop, trap and Southern guitar blues, Brandy commands the tune. In “Beggin and Pleadin” it’s clear she knows she’s being hurt — “Damn boy why you make it so hard/stop putting your foot on my heart” — yet says “wave me back,” hoping he’ll come to his senses.

Brandy’s gospel-laden vocals start with a rolling boil and only get hotter and more raw as the song stomps on, and the “good God almighty” and “wave me back” repeating phrases stay with you long after the song ends.

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