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Revolutionary new rapper Tunde Olaniran releases single “Namesake”

Afro-futurist rapper Tunde Olaniran’s new single is a wake-up call.

Olaniran, who hails from Flint, Michigan, merges genres on “Namesake” while promoting positive messages of personal identity, leaning into classic dance music notes, then without a breath lays down heavy rap effortlessly.

Vocal sound bites meet hip-hop, which meets melodic singing, which leaks in between rapid-fire raps and ’80s electronic guitar and drum licks. And he’s not all serious either, whipping light-hearted hip-hop lines which are topped with truth bombs.

tunde olaniran

“Everybody’s hoping and scraping and wishing they could be something outside themselves … If I can be me, then you can be yourself,” he repeats without a shred of loftiness, then switches into angry mode, declaring,”It’s like we’re never satisfied.”

Besides his music endeavors, Olaniran also an author, choreographer and activist who works for Planned Parenthood in Michigan. He works as an educator promoting sexual equality and awareness.

Olaniran’s full-length album comes after the success of his 2014 EP “Yung Archetype.”

“Transgressor” will be out Aug. 7 on Quite Scientific.

Listen to “Namesake” below:

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