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Lush synths lend beauty to Let’s Eat Grandma’s B-side, “Sink”

“Sink,” the trip-hoppy B-side to Let’s Eat Grandma’s experimental debut single, “Deep Six Textbook,” sounds nothing like “Deep Six” and is every bit as good.

Lush strings of high-pitched notes mesh with a funky gothic synth line that oozes the song forward. Rosa and Jenny rap-sing broad, mysterious lines like “To retain the blame is a heavy weight/ I need your help to unblock it …. under the influence of the norm.”

Later, “And I just didn’t know what to say” is repeated and warped as it echoes away amid mounting feedback. The duo, Rosa and Jenny, share vocals and sound as close as sisters.

The beautiful oddness of “Sink” will only feed the fire ahead of their debut album, which is still months away.


Let’s Eat Grandma, recently signed teen instrumentalists Rosa and Jenny, are from Norwich, England. They’re already selling out shows in England and will play at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton on May 19 – 21.

Let’s Eat Grandma is on Transgressive, with new music set for release Sept. 2.

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Ezra Furman’s “Perpuetual Motion People” out July 10

Ezra-Furman-Lousy-Connection-picAfter Ezra Furman hit gold with “Day Of the Dog,” he and his band The Boyfriends are back with the upcoming album “Perpetual Motion People.”

His latest song “Lousy Connection” is a mix of doo-wop, Britpop, 50s Vegas act, and all-around brashness. He drops imagery like it’s candy, mentioning writing a letter to Congress about things he thinks they should “address.” When he says he shows up in an Indian headdress and coyly says he thinks “the message was lost,” you know you’re in for some cheeky attitude and a fun time.

ezra-furman perpetual“Lousy Connection” is full of memorable storytelling lines that could all easily stand on their own.

“I”m out of money and I’m out of my mind… I’m all f*ckin’ mumbles…. a royal flush where all the faces are faded…” It’s all wrapped up in joyful, almost insanely happy brass notes. It’s one of the more unusually quirky songs so far this year, and it’s much welcomed.

Listen to “Lousy Connection” on Soundcloud:

You really must watch the video for “Restless Year,” which could pass for a 21st century version of “It’s the End Of the World As We Know It,” or “Shiny Happy People.” Furman speediy floats along a street, going through wardrobe changes and socializing, then says “when you catch my coattails I’ll be miles away.” You believe it.

Furman has a small tour that includes Rough Trade in New York on Aug. 5:

Aug. 5 – Brooklyn, NY – Rough Trade

Aug. 6 – Washington, D.C. – DC9

Aug. 8 – Philadelphia, PA – Milkboy Philly

Aug. 11 – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall

“Perpetual Motion People” is out July 10 on Bella Union.

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Superchunk to reissue “Come Pick Me Up”

Superchunk’s upcoming reissue of their 1999 album “Come Pick Me Up” will include eight bonus tracks as a digital download on CD and LP.

Listen to “Hello Hawk,”

In a press release, Mac McCaughan recalled recording the album at Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago:

“It was exciting to work downstairs in the big room at Electrical. For part of our visit we also slept there, in the dark except for lights on all the gear blinking. It snowed a ton the day we got there, and I didn’t go Superchunk come-pick-me-upoutside for the first five or six days we were there,” says McCaughan.

Superchunk bassist Laura Ballance detailed how she came up with the artwork for “Come Pick Me Up”:

“I was really into hooked rugs at the time and had acquired a few for my new house while scrounging around in antique malls and thrift stores, and I wound up taking photos of them for the package. They also inspired the floral pattern that runs up the edge of the painting.

“Another great friend, Claire Ashby, who had taken numerous band photos for us, took individual shots of all of us for the package. I asked everyone to pose doing something they really liked and in a place that made them comfortable. I really like seeing those portraits today and thinking about the choices that each of us made.”

Listen to Superchunk’s remastered “Hello Hawk” on Soundcloud.

“Come Pick Me Up” will be available as CD, LP and digital download on Merge Records.

Track list:
1. So Convinced
2. Hello Hawk
3. Cursed Mirror
4. 1000 Pounds
5. Good Dreams
6. Low Branches
7. Pink Clouds
8. Smarter Hearts
9. Honey Bee
10. June Showers
11. Pulled Muscle
12. Tiny Bombs
13. You Can Always Count on Me (In the Worst Way)

Bonus tracks*:
1. Cursed Mirror (Acoustic)
2. Pink Clouds (Acoustic)
3. Low Branches (Acoustic)
4. Honey Bee (Demo)
5. Good Dreams (Demo)
6. Cursed Mirror (Demo)
7. Smarter Hearts (Demo)
8. White Noise (Demo)

* included as a download with CD and LP formats only

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Carpark Records to celebrate Sweet Sixteen with basketball disc

Carpark Records is celebrating its Sweet Sixteen with special basketball-themed disc.

Carpark Records is celebrating its Sweet Sixteen with special basketball-themed disc.

Carpark Records is celebrating its 16th year in business with a special, limited-edition 12″ basketball-themed picture disc. The disc features Carpark artists such as TEEN, Toro Y Moi, Speedy Ortiz, Young Magic, Skylar Spence and a boatload more. It will be limited to a 600-unit run. At $16 each, the money goes toward the Little Kids Rock charity.

Listen to one track from the CD, “Practice,” from Skylar Spence (fka St. Pepsi).

Carpark Records is also planning anniversary shows in Brooklyn, Washington, D.C. and at SXSW:

March 6 Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right 

Lexie Mountain Boys

Greg Davis



Ear Pwr

Safety Scissors


Jimmy Whispers

DJs Young Magic & Montag

March 7 Washington DC @ DC9

Lexie Mountain Boys




Jimmy Whispers

March 19 Austin, TX @ Swan Dive (SXSW)

Cloud Nothings

Skylar Spence (fka Saint Pepsi) DJ Set

Dent May



Keath Mead

Average Cock

Side A

  1. Young Magic – NETS
  2. Montag – Drop A Dime
  3. Safety Scissors – Orange Roughy
  4. Jayson Gerycz – Dribble Dribble
  5. Young Magic – All Net (Celebration Dance)
  6. TEEN – Dylan and Chong Playing Basketball
  7. Thomas J Duke – Manute Bol
  8. Jake Mandell – 2008
  9. Signer – Roll, Pick, and Roll Again
  10. Skylar Spence – Turnover
  11. Sadie Dupuis – Theme from Babadook
  12. Montag – Basket Case
  13. Ear Pwr – I Would Rather Be Shopping
  14. Jason Urick – Double Dribble
  15. Memory Tapes – Go Play Outside
  16. LowtIde – Your Turn

Side B

  1. Skylar Spence – Practice
  2. Dan Deacon – 1 Wand from the 9 Piles
  3. So Takahashi – Dribble Commander
  4. Jimmy Whispers – Mugsy Bogus
  5. Chandos – Traveling
  6. GRMLN – Buzzer Beat
  7. Toro Y Moi – Space Jam
  8. Greg Davis – Paxson
  9. Ear Pwr – Beyond the Arc
  10. Dog Bite – Hoops
  11. Adventure – Ewww
  12. Speedy Ortiz – Basketball (Demo)

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Listen to Nite Fields’ new single, “You I Never Knew”

Nite Fields: Depersonalization is out Feb. 3 on felte

Nite Fields: Depersonalization is out Feb. 3 on felte

Nite Fields are readying their debut LP, “Depersonalisation,” due Feb. 3 on felte.
The recording for “Depersonalisation” came about in myriad places — from a basement, to bedrooms, to studios, stairwells and garages – more than 20 locales. The nine-song debut was produced by Nigel-Lee Yang of HTRK.

Listen to the first single by this Australian shoegaze-dreampop band, “You I Never Knew.” The song is packed full of romance and guitar-hook tenderness. It’s a bit like The Church’s “Under the Milky Way,” and that frilly era of late ’80s spun-sugar alternative.

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Listen to Girlpool rant on “Blah Blah Blah”

girlpool blah blah

We can’t stop listening to the song “Blah Blah Blah” by Girlpool, the LA duo of guitarist Cleo Tucker and bassist Harmony Tividad.

The punk minimalism of “Blah Blah Blah” recalls the bright-eyed zing of Tegan and Sara or Le Tigre. Its stripped-down bass and airy guitar let in fresh, electric vocals and a country-twangish guitar solo.
And it’s one big diss on a guy, so even better.
Girlpool’s self-titled EP was out Nov. 18 on Wichita Recordings.

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The new Twilight Sad is still streaming — so go listen!


If you haven’t yet, then please go check out the full album from The Twilight Sad-it’s streaming now on Stereogum. The band’s latest, “Nobody Wants To Be Here and Nobody Wants To Leave,” has been receiving rave reviews, so here’s your chance to get a listen before you have to just go buy it.

The single “There’s a Girl in the Corner” has that new-wave/80s punk feel that’s so gorgeous and romantic, while “Last January” is a little more desolate, but well-crafted and powerful.

“Nobody Wants To Be Here and Nobody Wants To Leave,” is already out in the UK, and is set for release tomorrow – Oct. 28 on FatCat Records.

Twilight Sad

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