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Prince Harvey recorded his album in the Apple retail store; download his tracks for free

Prince Harvey can count the Apple Store and some grit as factors in getting his debut recorded.

According to the Daily Beast, Prince Harvey spent four months off and on in an Apple Store in Soho, New York City, secretly recording his music. He kept his files safe in the trash, which didn’t get wiped out at the end of each day.

prince harvey sometimesLike many others, it was originally not in the cards to record in a retail venue, but Prince Harvey’s computer died, which threw a wrench in his progress. Later, his hard drive was stolen, while making a run to buy squid.

“I just thought, ‘I’m going to die before anyone knows I’m hot,’ ” he told the Daily Beast. It’s pretty great that he was able to accomplish what he needed to despite the constant setbacks.

The album is called “PHATASS” — as in Prince Harvey At The Apple Store: Soho. It will be released July 26.

There’s no denying the world-music, DIY sound Prince Harvey has, but the beats and raps are accessible and relatable. Harvey, from Dominica, recorded his first song at 8, so it’s not like he’s a newbie to the world of hip-hop.

Listen to “Sometimes” and “The New Black,” and you can download and others for free:

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Nots thankfully up to no good on punk single “Virgin Mary”

Nots Virgin Mary

Punk quartet Nots recently released a new song, “Virgin Mary.” They know a good formula when they hear one, and “Virgin Mary” hasn’t strayed in terms of harsh guitar scratchings, synth bleeps and deep bass rumblings commonly found on their off-the-radar debut, “We Are Nots.”

Listen to “VIrgin Mary” via Stereogum. and at Soundcloud.

The 7-inch single, with B-side “Shelf Life,” is out June 23 on Goner Records.

If you’re craving a heavy dose of craziness and raw DIY flavor, then check out “We Are Nots”– one of the most original records of 2014.

Remaining Nots tour dates:

5/24 Santa Cruz, CA @ Crepe Place*
5/25 Oakland, CA @ 1-2-3-4 Go! Records$
5/26 Eureka, CA @ The Shanty*
5/28 Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios*
5/29 Seattle, WA @ Sunset Tavern*
5/30 Vancouver, BC @ Fox Cabaret*
6/1 Calgary, AB @ Palomino Social Club*
6/2 Missoula, MT @ Stage 112*
6/3 Salt Lake City, UT@ Urban Lounge*
6/5 Denver, CO @ Oriental Theater*
6/6 Lincoln, NE @ Vega*
6/8 Kansas City, MO @ Record Bar*
6/11 Memphis, TN @ Hi Tone*
6/20 Birmingham, AL @ Happenin Fest%
7/11 Columbus, OH @ 4th & 4th Fest

* w/ Quintron & Miss Pussycat
$ w/ Cold Beat
% w/ Black Lips


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Stream Death’s first new music in 40 years

Protopunk band Death, which originated in Detroit, before quietly retiring to the woods of Vermont, has come out with its first new music since 1975, when they released the album “For The Whole World To See.”

The album is called N.E.W. and is streaming in full at VICE.

Death has managed to stay under the radar for many punk fans, even now. If you need a quick primer, check out my story from last year on how I discovered Death.

N.E.W. is out April 21 on Drag City imprint Tryangle.

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David Loca and Part Time are back with full album

Fall down the wormhole with Part Time

Fall down the wormhole with Part Time

Part Time’s upcoming double LP, Virgo’s Maze, due May 19 on Burger Records, contains everything but the kitchen sink, as it embodies David Loca’s home recordings and various inky sounds over the last five years.

Loca is the prime performer in Part Time, although five songs were aided by a few of his friends on drum and bass.

Much of the sound of Part Time’s newest single, “Fallin’ 4 U,” is lo-fi noise and snippets of voices and sound bites, although the first half of the song could count as enough conventional Britpop for some.

Most of Virgo’s Maze was recorded on reel to reel, tape machine or USB mixer, and according to a press release, it’s the first album in which Loca has complete control.

Listen to “Fallin’ 4 U” on Soundcloud. And check out the ending; it seems to fondly reminisce over Saturday-morning cartoon bits, a la “Looney Toons.”

1. The Cost of Living
2. My Jamey
3. Honey Lips
4. Fallin’ 4 U
5. New Beginnings
6. Touch Me Responsibly
7. I Saw Her Standing There
8. It’s Elizabeth
9. Science, Shadows & Religeons on the Walls
10. Ganz Wien
11. Strangest Eyes
12. Pussy of my Dreams
13. Real Connection
14. The Garvo623 (My Robots Brain)
15. B U
16. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
17. Virgo’s Maze
18. Was It Real
19. The River of Dreams (Sailing My Fantasy)
20. It’s Too Late

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Nite Fields release gorgeous track “Prescription”

Nite Fields have released another beautiful love song in the form of “Prescription,” off their debut LP “Depersonalisation.” “Prescription” is among a host of songs the quartet of Danny Venzin, Chris Campion, Liza Harvey and Michael Whitney recorded over four years in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

The lyrics of post-punk bitterness of “Prescription” are wrapped in an intricate, exquisite guitar melody that’s their signature. “You wanna break my stride, you wanna rule the tides, you wanna rip the heart from my insides,” Venzin drolly sings.

The Aussie band’s much-awaited album is out Feb. 3 on felte.

Listen to “Prescription” on Soundcloud. And in case you missed it, check out the previously released “You I Never Knew.”

Nite Fields have plenty of European dates to choose from:
01/22: Petrozavodsk, RU @ Amsterdam Club
01/23: St Petersburg, RU @ More Club
01/24: Moscow, RU @ Powerhouse
01/27: Kharkov, UA @ Akuna Matata
01/29: Kiev, UA @ Closer
01/30: Athens, GR @ Death Disco
01/31: Larissa, GR @ Sto Peripou
02/01: Thessaloniki, GR @ Mavri Tripya
02/04: Skopje, MK @ MKC
02/05: Sofia, BG @ Mixtape 5
02/07: Bucharest, RO @ Question Mark
02/12: Tallinn, EE @ Sinilind
02/13: Tartu, EE @ Genialistide Club
02/14: Riga, LV @ Depo
02/18: Vilnius @ Kablys
02/20: Zurich, CH @ Exil
02/21: Paris, FR @ Espace B
02/23: London, UK @ The Old Blue Last

02/26: Essen, DE @ Goethebunker

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Feast your ears on Vision Fortune’s new single “Dry Mouth”


Experimentalist group Vision Fortune has released details about their sophomore album, “Country Music.”

Take a listen to the band’s new single “Dry Mouth,” a song with bare and stripped-down percussion. The song is jarring to the point of being uncomfortable; it’s a vast departure from their debut, “Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune.”

The British trio was holed up in a country villa to create the album, which was recorded in Tuscany, Italy, during a research residency.

According to a press release, the percussion for “Dry Mouth” stems from silverware striking china bowls of foi gras d’oie. Seriously.


“Country Music” is the band’s first for ATP Recordings and is due Feb. 10.

Watch the “Country Music” trailer,  and visit a link to a 2013 interview with The Quietus.

Bonus: A surprising tracklist title: “New Jack City.”


1. Blossom

2. Habitat

3. Dry Mouth

4. Cleanliness

5. Tita

6. Ties and Bound

7. Sandrino

8. Stalker

9. Drunk Ghost

10. Broken Teeth

11. New Jack City

12. Back Crawl II

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Parquet Courts is back — as Parkay Quarts

The highly prolific Parquet Courts is back, again, this time as Parkay Quarts, a name they’ve alluded to in their EP “Tally All the Things That You Broke.”

Their new album, “Content Nausea,” is the indie-punk band’s second of the year after “Sunbathing Animal” and is due Dec. 2 on What’s Your Rupture?
Parkay Quarts on Oct. 16 released a new song “Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth”— a slower, ballad-ish tune.
Two members of the band have gone off for a bit to live the traditional life (a degree in math, starting a family), so vocalists/guitarists Andrew Savage and Austin Brown are pulling the weight and getting help from Jackie-O Motherf*cker Jef Brown on sax and Eaters’ Bob Jones on fiddle. Hence the name Parkay Quarts, reflecting the fractured state of the band right now.
“Content Nausea” is rather short, clocking in at about 35 minutes, but according to band members, they were looking to help out listeners, to give them something to “live with over the winter.” According to a press release it was mastered in just two weeks on a four-track tape machine.

1. Everyday It Starts

2. Content Nausea

3. Urban Ease

4. Slide Machine

5. Kevlar Walls

6. Pretty Machines

7. Psycho Structures

8. The Map

9. These Boots

10. Insufferable

11. No Concept

12. Uncast Shadow Of A Southern Myth

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Chris Stein’s new book and Blondie’s look

Blondie by Chris Stein

Blondie by Chris Stein

Chris Stein, Blondie co-founder and guitarist, had a front-row seat to the NYC punk-music scene in the 70s and used that lucky access wisely.

Good thing Stein is also a genius with the camera.

Blondie, by Chris Stein

Blondie, by Chris Stein

Stein is releasing a new book this week, “Chris Stein/Negative: Me, Blondie and the Advent of Punk,” on Rizzoli. “Negative” is also in celebration of the band’s 40th (!) anniversary.

The book will be full of many of Stein’s photos of his girlfriend at the time, Deborah Harry, as well as other punk revolutionaries, including music journalist Lester Bangs. Stein’s photos of Harry seem to dominate the book, and rightfully so– Blondie’s look breathed rebellion, youth and DIY glamour.

Lester Bangs, by Chris Stein

Lester Bangs, by Chris Stein

Photo by Chris Stein

Photo by Chris Stein

BTW, check out the video for “Rapture.”

See more photos and a story at New York Times Magazine.

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Shoegazers Nite Fields release “Vacation” ahead of 2015 album

nite fields

Australian newcomers Nite Fields, who hail from the Brisbane DIY scene, have released “Vacation,” their first U.S. single.

Lead singer and songwriter Danny Venzin, at first listen, seems pretty low-key, but it only means the vibe is just very mellow on “Vacation.”
Nite Fields cavernous sound is reminiscent of Magnetic Fields, with Stephin Merritt’s drone. Among that noisy grime, heavy wisps of Joy Division or shoegazers the Horrors (albeit a tad toned down) can also be heard.

Just about everything in the song is drenched in echo– that “wall of sound” we’ve come to know and love (or hate, depending on who you ask.)
The debut from Nite Fields’ is due early next year on Felte Records.

Listen to “Vacation.”

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MySpace takes a shine to Karen O, Ryan Adams and Interpol

This week on Myspace, three artists are featured who’ve all released new albums this week — Karen O, Ryan Adams and Interpol.

karen o red

A story by “Sad Girls Guide To…” is the most in-depth of the three profiles here. The Sad Girls list the reasons why they think art-punk icon Karen O is so influential.  The mini-stories are heavily subjective, but enjoyable to read nonetheless. Stories include links to the music of Karen O as well as her namesake band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, how her solo release “Crush Songs,” came about, and her fashion sense that no one could have predicted.


One story is called “She Doesn’t Give a F*#! Onstage,” which is actually true (she pulled her pants down and everyone saw her bum as she closed down the House of Blues in Boston last year). Interesting fact: After the YYY’s full-length 2003 record “Fever To Tell” blew up the charts, Playboy asked Karen O to pose for the cover. She refused. Good call.


Everybody Loves a List profiles Ryan Adams, whose listed occupations include singer, songwriter, poet and painter. Adams’ hardcore punk album, “1984,” was leaked by a fan who streamed it onto Youtube. The buzz about that album only snowballed from there. Everybody loves a List makes the case that Adams is a mega Deadhead, and it seems they have a point. The writers hunt down these little nuances between Adams’s songs and music from Grateful Dead’s massive catalog.
They mention Adams’ bootlegged track “Abigail” has the same time signature and four chords as the Grateful Dead’s “Friend of the Devil.” The comparisons between the two artists are pretty in-depth. On the other hand, drawing a correlation between Adams’ tweeting pics of his cats and Jerry Garcia’s album “Cats Under the Stars” might be a stretch. The story doesn’t take itself too seriously, and anyway, it shouldn’t.
interpol lonetrip
The last story, by Graphic Content, is more of a list, but probes the name of post-punk band Interpol’s new album “El Pintor” (“The Painter”) and five alternative anagrams to consider. That story speaks for itself.


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