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Night Beds’ Yellen: “Yeezus” influenced sophomore effort “Ivywild”

Winston Yellen has announced the sophomore effort of his Night Beds project, “Ivywild.”

In a press release, “Ivywild” was borne from Yellen’s initial reactions to hearing Kanye West’s “Yeezus” for the first time when he was in Nashville. Yellen also says the album comprises “sad sex jams,” and brings up painful memories of a breakup.Night Beds Tide Teeth

About 25 musicians have worked on “Ivywild,” including vocalist Heather Hibbard of Maine, who covered one of Yellen’s songs on YouTube.

Listen to new song, “Tide Teeth,” on Soundcloud, as well as “Me, Liquor and God.”

“Ivywild” will be out Aug. 7 on Dead Oceans. Night Beds’ debut, “Country Sleep,” was released in 2013.

Watch the video for “Tide Teeth”:

1. Finished
2. Corner
3. Me Liquor & God
4. Seratonin
5. Tide Teeth
6. Sway(ve)
7. [9-6] slack-jaw
8. Eve A
9. On High:
10. Melrose
11. Lay Your Hands
12. All In Good Time (I Get You Wrong Interlude)
13. Moon Sugar
14. Love Streams
15. I Give It
16. Stand On My Throat

Night Beds Tide Teeth2

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Chillwave genius Memory Tapes’ new single drops next week


Memory Tapes’ latest single, “Fallout,” is the newest piece of music to come from the synth-pop genius since his “Sunday Morning Mix” last August. “Fallout” is the A-side of a single he’ll release on Carpark Records at the end of this month — the B-side of which is “House On Fire.”

According to, Memory Tapes (Dayve Hawk) is also announcing a summer tour that begins July 25 at Baby’s All Right with Computer Magic.

Hawk, of New Jersey, is formerly leader of the Philadelphia-based group Hail Social, now defunct. Listen to “Fallout,” along with the rest of his music, at Memory Tapes’ blog site.

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Big Data releases “2.0” today, launches tour Tuesday in NYC

Big Data's "2.0" is out now on Warner Bros.

Big Data’s “2.0” is out now on Warner Bros.

Electropop group Big Data today released their full-length debut album, “2.0,” on which acts like Joywave, Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo, Kimbra, Twin Shadow and Jamie Lidell have all played a part. Only the song “Big Dater” lacks a special guest.

Joywave collaborated with Big Data on the August hit “Dangerous”— which is basically unstoppable due to its dropping bass line and danceable hook.

Big Data spoke with Wired recently about the new album. According to a press release, Big Data’s Alan Wilkis had this to say about “2.0”:

“With each song on 2.0, I set out to explore a specific issue or moment in technology, and lyrically they are often voiced from the perspective of the ‘bad guy’ in the narrative. I had the immense privilege of collaborating with a host of incredible vocalists on 2.0, and at the end of the day I just hope these songs make you smile, dance, and think a bit.”

Big Data also launches a national headline tour Tuesday at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City. More dates below:

03/24  Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY*

03/25  The Sinclair – Boston, MA*

03/26  Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA*

03/27  Black Cat – Washington, DC*

03/28  The LC Pavillion – Columbus, OH

03/30  Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL*

03/31   Fine Line Music Café – Minneapolis, MN*

04/01  Rave Eagles Club – Milwaukee, WI*

04/02  The Shelter – Detroit, MI w/ ON AN ON

04/03  Grog Shop – Cleveland, OH*

04/04 Stage AE – Pittsburgh, PA*

04/06 Main Street Armory – Rochester, NY*

04/07  Showplace Buffalo – Buffalo, NY*

04/17  Sweetwater 420 Fest – Atlanta, GA

04/19  Urban Lounge -Salt Lake City, UT^

04/21  Knitting Factory -Boise, ID^

04/22  Hawthorne Theatre -Portland, OR^

04/23  The Crocodile – Seattle, WA^

04/24  Venue – Victoria, BC^

04/25  VENUE Nightclub – Vancouver, BC^

04/27  Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA^

04/28  The Knitting Factory – Reno, NV^

04/29  Harlows – Sacramento, CA^

04/30  Troubadour -Los Angeles, CA^

05/03  DC101 Kerfuffle – Washington, DC

05/08  Big Guava Fest – Tampa, FL

05/09  Untapped Fort Worth – Fort Worth, TX


^w/ The Moth & The Flame

2.0 Track listing:
1) The Business of Emotion (feat. White Sea)
2) Dangerous (feat. Joywave)
3) Clean (feat. Jamie Lidell)
4) The Glow (feat. Kimbra)
5) Snowed In (feat. Rivers Cuomo)
6) Big Dater
7) Automatic (feat. Jenn Wasner)
8) Get Some Freedom (feat. Dragonette)
9) Sick For Me (feat. Bear Hands)
10) Perfect Holiday (feat. Twin Shadow)

Big Data has also just wrapped up his time at SXSW.

“2.0” is

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ICYMI: Bjork’s video for “Lionsong” is physically unsettling


Bjork’s latest album “Vulnicura” contains some of her most intensely painful and personal work to date, and her video for “Lionsong” is capable of physically putting you on edge.

The pastel blue and yellow “feathers” that adorn Bjork’s outfit, now famous as the symbol of “Vulnicura,” looks like the fluffy stuff from milkweed pods, or dandelion fuzz.

The opening scene, of what looks like a steampunk heart chamber, beats and wanes uncertainly as Bjork sings, “Maybe he will come out of this, loving me.” She strokes her feathers lovingly.

Dressed in a shiny black space suit, Bjork appears suspended in white, floating, but still stuck in one place, another unnerving factor to the video. Bjork is only protected by a few colorful feathers, adding to her vulnerability. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself tensing up while watching it.

See “Lionsong” via Billboard.


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Haelos signs to Matador, releases “Earth Not Above”

British trio Haelos recently signed to Matador

British trio Haelos recently signed to Matador

British trio Haelos burst onto the electro-pop scene with their debut “Dust” in 2014 and was called the “Next Hype” by BBC’s Zane Lowe.

Vocalist Arthur Delaney, vocalist and keyboardist Dom Goldsmith and vocalist Lotti Benardout have self-produced their first single, “Earth Not Above,” on Matador. The song, with its positive vibes, dips into trip hop through its electronica roots, sampling James Brown’s “Funky Drummer (Bonus Beat Reprise)” for good measure.

Listen to “Earth Not Above,”  as well as “Dust” on Soundcloud.

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Maribou State releases remix of “Rituals” single

12inch_3mm.indd Electronic-dub duo Chris Davids and Liam Ivory, aka Maribou State, have released a reworking to their recent mellow single, “Rituals.” Maribou State, with its origins in Potten End, West Hertfordshire, England, has been busy forging a new synthesis of jazz, dub, electronic and rock for their unique sound. For the last year and a half, the group has kept its nose to the grindstone, touring on weekends and working in the studio during the workweek. “Rituals (MS Edit)” is about another minute longer than the original, and that allows for more buildup to better embrace the tune’s lovely modern-synth feel. Listen to both versions at Maribou State will be touring North America starting in April. Their debut album, “Portraits,” is out June 1 on Counter Records, a Ninja Tune imprint. MARIBOU STATE TOUR DATES: Thu. Apr. 16 – Brooklyn, NY @ Verboten (Cabaret Bar) Fri. Apr. 17 – Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall Sat. Apr. 18 – Toronto, ON @ Studio Bar Wed. Apr. 22 – Denver, Co @ 1Up on Colfax Fri. Apr. 24 – Los Angeles, CA @ Avalon Hollywood Sat. Apr. 25 – Vancouver, BC @ Electric Owl

PORTRAITS  TRACKLIST: 1. Home 2. The Clown (feat. Pedestrian) 3. Rituals 4. Steal (feat. Holly Walker) 5. Wallflower 6. Say More (feat. Jono McCleery) 7. Raincoats 8. Midas (feat. Holly Walker) 9. Natural Fools 10. Varkala

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Odesza’s “All We Need” is remixed eight ways

Electronic group Odesza has been performing to nearly sold-out shows throughout their tour, and recently released a string of remixes of their hit “All We Need” on Soundcloud,

Artists such as Giraffage, Dawn Golden, Robert DeLong, Will Saul and Autograf have contributed eight remixes, rangeing anywhere from R&B and synth retellings, to slowing the tempo and bringing in darker undertones. It’s worth a listen for Odesza fans.

Odesza’s latest video for “All We Need (feat. Shy Girls),” links drug use with listening to the song. When the “high” of the song wears off, the song ends, at least until they get high again. Unfortunately, halting the song several times during the video to bring up this other storyline between two lovers doesn’t tend to serve the song well.

All we need odesza

The video was directed by Kevan Funk, and Odesza’s Harrison Mills comments on Funk’s work. “His use of dark imagery to convey the beauty as well as the tragedy of love and addiction in ‘All We Need’ was a perfect contrast to the bright elements of the track, while also playing upon the subtle melancholy undertones of the lyrics.”

For more on the band, visit

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Get lost in Lapalux’ latest, “Don’t Mean A Thing”

Lapalux: "Lustmore" is out April 7 on Brainfeeder.

Lapalux: “Lustmore” is out April 7 on Brainfeeder.

Lapalux’ new single, “Don’t Mean A Thing,” may seem lengthy by song standards, but its electronic fuzz and sensual flow gives you just enough time to chill out.

“Lustmore” is the second album from Lapalux, also known as Stuart Howard, and according to a press release, the album is meant to conjure a retro-futuristic sound a la “Bladerunner” or “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

“Lustmore,” according to a press release, is based on hypnogogia, that sweet spot between awake and asleep, and Howard says old movie soundtracks formed much of the basis of “Lustmore.”

“Whenever I think about the album I think about the bar scene in The Shining,” Howard says in the press release. “There’’s something about that strange, hallucinatory psychological madness that relates to the music, both in the making of the actual record and the way it sounds.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Make sure to listen to “Don’t Mean A Thing,” as well as “Closure (feat. Szjerdene).”

“Lustmore,” is out April 7 on Brainfeeder.

Lustmore Tracklisting

  1. U Never Know (feat. Andreya Triana)
  2. Sum Body
  3. Closure (feat. Szjerdene)
  4. Midnight Peelers
  5. Push N’ Spun
  6. We Lost
  7. Autumn (Tape Interlude)
  8. Puzzle (feat. Andreya Triana)
  9. Bud
  10. Don’t Mean A Thing
  11. 1004
  12. Make Money
  13. Funny Games

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Hot Chip lives again; releases “Why Make Sense?” details, “Huarache Lights” video

Hot Chip: "Why Make Sense"

Hot Chip: “Why Make Sense”

This week, Hot Chip released info on their upcoming album, “Why Make Sense?” as well as the video for “Huarache Lights,” also on the new album. The last time the British group released music was the excellent “In Our Heads,” which brought us “How Do You Do?” and the funk-blast “Night & Day” in 2012.

According to a story on Pitchfork, if you pre-order “Why Make Sense,” you can also get Hot Chip’s “Separate,” a four-track EP of outtakes from the band’s latest recording sessions. So it’s a win-win all over for Hot Chip fans.


Check out “Huarache Lights”: It’s classic Hot Chip, but with an added techno/disco twist and the group’s silky vocals. Look for more surprises from the group on their sixth album, set for release May 18 on Domino.

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Let Panda Bear warm up your Snowmageddon with his live show at Warsaw


To fit in with the snowy, dune-like world the Northeast will find itself in Tuesday morning, settle in tonight with an equally foreign, yet inviting piece of music, courtesy of Panda Bear.

RBMA Radio has released the live audio of Panda Bear’s show at Warsaw in Brooklyn as part of Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York 2014.

At times futuristic and progressive, and other times droning and mesmerizing, the show is a continuous stream of Panda Bear’s wandering thought, which keeps morphing sound until you find yourself in new, uncharted landscapes with no clue as to how you got there.

Panda Bear, also known as Noah Lennox, also known as part of Animal Collective, also recently released his Fireside Chat on RBMA Radio: Listen to that here.  Check out Warsaw for upcoming shows.

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