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Death Team and “F*=#ing Bitches in the Hood”: a match made in trash-pop heaven


Swedish electro-pop duo Death Team have come up with a joyful, profanity-laced gem: F*=#ing bitches In the Hood.”

There’s no way the lyrics could ever be taken seriously; done overeasy, their oversimplification is almost surely intentional, as if to say, ‘I’m so cool I don’t even have to work at these lyrics,” but the song is an immediate earworm.

“F*=#ing bitches in the hood/ Cuz i’m robin hood/ I f*=# them in the hood/ Yea i’m that good/ Got my songs on the radio/ Playing every day/ Earnin’ money while I sleep/My song’s so deep…… Let me take you on a ride.

Death Team is Mayka Edd and Johen Rafael Tilli, who, after a drunken meeting, penned “I’m So Drunk I Wanna Fight,” merging Mayka’s house-DJ skills with Johen’s indie-pop bent. They call themselves “a cross between Abba and Eminem.” Abba fans might take offense at that. Those people can call them New Kids On the Block on acid.

Welcome, Death Team!

The song has gotten attention in the states, and is already number 1 in their home country, so it’s heading somewhere — either your trash heap or your iPod.

The link to “F*=#ing Bitches in the Hood” includes the song’s “Double Loop Edit” — an extra few minutes of obscenities and kitsch. Love it or hate it, you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

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