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FKA twigs is back with sleeper hit ‘Good To Love’

FKA twigs is back again with a rather mellow R&B song, by her standards. “Good To Love” is pretty tame when you compare it the material on last year’s steamy Melissa EP, but it’s still distinctly twigs. Her vocals can range from a growl to a delicate vibrato, and her pretty vocals on “Good To Love” betray a deeper sadness when she says, “make my body come alive/I’ve got right to hurt inside.”


The video for “Good To Love” is completely disorienting; shooting it in black and white doesn’t help right your brain. Footage balances out between white sheets and tight shots of FKA twigs and her interpretive dance moves.

Twigs offers this description: “This whole video is a visual representation of me trying to wake up in the morning.” Knowing what we know about twigs, this is probably accurate.


There’s no word on whether “Good To Love” is part of an upcoming EP, but it’s good to see her putting out new music again.

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Hot Chip’s single “Need You Now” is a fever dream of regrets


Somehow, Hot Chip has reached new levels of soulfulness with the second single “Need You Now” off “Why Make Sense?”

The video for “Need You Now” begins with a breakup and lead vocalist Alexis Taylor grieving over the lost relationship. He’s then seen futiley chasing his own self and his dark shadows to figure out where it all went wrong, in a sort of Twilight Zone for star-crossed lovers.

Interspersed throughout the man’s emotional struggles and drab, barren landscape are just a few bright colors– the bright blue trench coat, the dirty, rusty-red rain jacket, and a dazzling female vocalist singing “I need you now!” on an endless loop. It’s worth a look because after dozens of views, it’s still unclear what it really means.

“Why Make Sense” is due May 18 on Domino.


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