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Set a course for the dark chillwave of Mausoleums

MausoleumsI stumbled across the dark electronic synthwave group Mausoleums today and realized I need to wander more.

Mausoleums, from Newcastle, is Simeon Soden on programming and synth and Elliot Reeves on vocal and synths. According to their bio, they’re influenced by ’80s minimal wave, witch house and industrial.

While their sound isn’t always my cup of tea, it had a mellow vibe to it that drew me in. The songs are full of beats that remind me of other songs I like, such as songs by Bauhaus or the White Stripes (the song “Five” has nearly the same frantic timing as the Stripes’ “Seven-Nation Army.”) Sometimes it’s nice to have that familiar lifeline when checking out new music or new genres.

Check out “Destiny Doll”:

and “Five”:

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