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See Grindmother’s new video for ‘Age Of Destruction’

Grindmother, the 67-year-old Canadian grindcore singer/songwriter who’s already built up a small legion of fans, has released the video for her song “Age Of Destruction.” It’s the title song off her upcoming debut, out April 28.

She’s been in the press now and again, in part simply because of her age, but it’s no fluke — she really can belt out the songs. There’s nothing fake here, and there’s not too many people who can grind their voice into the ground the way she does. Power to anyone who wants to scream with this intensity and put it on the airwaves.

The video is fairly minimalistic — it’s Grindmother and her band against a backdrop of what looks like a city being bombed and on fire.
Grindmother hopes to tour the states soon as well, but no dates have been revealed yet.

“Age Of Destruction” (lyrics by Grindmother):

Age of destruction
Trepidation abound
Life insignificant
Power to kill
Intention to destroy all hope
All that remains
Grasping to keep
All we have known
Is worthless now
Weapons to destroy all hope
Planet is weary
Stricken and sore
The game to win
Is world control

And watch the video for “Any Cost”:

Check out Grindmother’s work with the band Corrupt Leaders (of which her son is a member) on their Bandcamp page.

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