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This man’s hearing implant turned him off to Nirvana, so he did something about it


Imagine not being able to hear Nirvana like everyone else does, even though you’re a fan. That’s what happened to Sam Swiller of Washington, D.C.sam-swiller npr cochlear

He started to lose his hearing at an early age, and music was his way to reach out and stay closer to the outside world.

Jon Hamilton of NPR Morning Edition ran a story Monday about Swiller, who loves music, but who happens to be deaf. When Swiller was in high school, he took refuge in music such as Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and other alternative rock.

According to the story, he got a cochlear implant about 10 years ago, when the last few impulses of sound entered his ear.npr cochlear implant

He said the implant made it more difficult to interpret sounds and electrical impulses, which go right onto the auditory nerve. As a result, music he normally liked, such as Nirvana, was not as appealing to him as folk music.

The radio spot used Bjork’s latest album, “Vulnicura,” as an example.

So Swiller had to find a new way to interpret sounds so that he could listen and understand exactly what he wanted to again.

Listen below to the story “Deaf Jam: Experiencing music through a cochlear implant”:


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