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Vundabar reaches $6,000 gofundme goal for stolen equipment

Sludge/indie pop Boston trio Vundabar announced on their Facebook page Jan. 30 that $6,000 worth of equipment was stolen from their car in Philadelphia.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.12.45 PM

A gofundme page was launched. Here’s the note from the band — it sounds like they really didn’t want to have to ask people for money, but had no other choice:

Hello friends. You’ve heard this story before and unfortunately I’m sure you’ll hear it again. While staying over night in Philadelphia for a show that Vundabar was playing, our car got broken into and $6,000 dollars in music equipment was stolen. Needless to say this is deeply upsetting and while we can’t replace the sentimental value of these instruments, there’s the functional issue of the fact that we’ve been shanghai’d, on the hook for $6,000 dollars that we don’t have for things we need in order to continue this band. We feel lucky to be able to do what we do, and have the support of so many people. I wish there was a better avenue to take with these things but right now it seems like the only option is to pass the hat. Thank you always for your love and support.


As of Feb. 3, 2016, they reached their goal, and surpassed it by $51. Boston music sites helped spread the word on Twitter, which may have tipped the scales.

Vundabar are scheduled to play Feb. 13 at Signal Kitchen in Burlington, Vermont, and at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn on Feb. 27. Hopefully the band is out shopping right now.

Listen to their music on Bandcamp; their album Gawk, was released last year.

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Get a bead on Boston’s Barbazons, Vundabar, Palehound, others

Being up here in New Hampshire, I can’t always get down to Boston to hear new music. But local cable show Boston Chronicle dedicated its entire episode (1/22/16) tonight to Boston music. It touched on the Converse Rubber Tracks Studio in the North End, local vinyl pressing sites and mentioned bands like Vundabar and Bad Rabbits. I heard about a couple other Boston bands that deserve mention here too. They’re not necessarily new, but definitely noteworthy. I’m always hungry to hear new bands and thankful when I do, so it’s all good.


(Boston, MA, 03/20/13) Fredua Boakye lead singer of Bad Rabbits rocks out during City Councilor John R. Connolly’s kickoff campaign for Boston mayor at the Omni Parker House Hotel on Wednesday, March 20, 2013. Staff Photo by Matt Stone

Palehound is the project of singer/songwriter/guitarist Ellen Kempner, a Boston native, and now Yonkers transplant. The short bio I found states she started writing songs at 10, and she’s been influenced by Elliott Smith, Kim Deal and Angel Olsen. Her album Dry Food was released in August 2015.

Listen to Palehound’s performance of “Psychospeak” at Audiotree Live:

The Barbazons
, from Cambridge/Allston, were mentioned more briefly; this may be because their garage punk style might not go down as easy for the early-evening television crowd. For about five years they were called the Fagettes and owned up to that mistake, but thankfully did not change their music, which is unapologetic clash rock. Their newest album Avec Plaisir, was out last year.


Find the Barbazons on Bandcamp.

Listen to Vundabar below:


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