Still good: Slim Twig’s psychedelic puppet video for “All This Wanting”

Slim Twig’s video for “All This Wanting” has the best of both worlds: The song has an instantly likable Beatles-esque piano melody, and the video features Goodwill hand puppets that look like they’re having the time of their lives.

They’re all singing in unison, drinking and vomiting and just appearing in general like they’re on an LSD trip. Sesame Street would not approve.

Very happy puppets for Slim Twig's video "All This Wanting"

Very happy puppets for Slim Twig’s video “All This Wanting”

Slim Twig is one guy-  a Toronto native. HIs latest album, “A Hound At the Hem,” was out on DFA Records Oct. 28. The art-rock album was actually quietly released in 2012 on the Calico Corp label. But before that, it was self-produced in 2010.

It’s now finally getting more widespread attention.

Also listen to the “Clerical Collar” stream, and check out the “Maintain the Charade” video.


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